Employee Development

3 Ways to Keep Top Talent from Leaving

You shake your head in frustration. Your jaw is clenched tight, and you want to throw something. Instead, you roll your shoulders back and inhale deeply. It doesn’t really help, but at least your coffee mug is still intact. This is the third resignation letter you’ve received this month. And not from an intern or […]

8 Ways to Network Like a Pro

Networking events are crucial for finding the right people for your organization, reaching your career goals, and making connections for future collaborations. And yet, you find yourself dreading them. You typically sit through sessions, rehearsing your pitch, and scanning the room to see who you hope you meet–and who you want to avoid. Then you […]

Managing Disrespectful Employees

The tension in the conference room is palpable. You dart your eyes toward an employee with a history of being easily angered and argumentative. Your team is presenting a new idea, but their colleagues do not share their enthusiasm. What started as a healthy debate is now escalating. You believe in the value of everyone […]

How to Be an Employee-Focused Leader

You are wrapping up your tasks around the office after a productive and seemingly routine week of leading your team when it happens: your top performer comes to you to discuss their resignation. Outwardly, you express professionalism, understanding, and gratitude for their time with your team, and offer your support for the next chapter of […]

Unleashing Potential: The Benefits of Online Workplace and Leadership Training Edit

There is an entire world of information at your fingertips – what is your organization doing to use this to its advantage? Through recent technological innovations, you can coordinate with your department across thousands of miles to effectively meet project deadlines, provide a high-value deliverable to a client in another state, and create a system […]