What Our Clients Say About Front Line Leadership

“I can’t emphasize enough what a rewarding and incredibly positive experience it has been to partner with Trinity Training & Development as we rolled out our Front Line Leadership Program in September 2018. Trinity was accommodating, supportive and always there when you needed them. Trinity was completely open to working with us to customize some of the content so we could make it “our own.” The content and tools were engaging and left participants with a solid blueprint to go forward and become better leaders. The whole package was artistically well done and so appealing. Our Front Line Leaders have noted a marked increase in their effectiveness due to the exceptional materials provided by Trinity.”

Mary Jane Burton Manager Learning and Development Sabra

“I have been working with Trinity Training and Development since May 2018. My company (LogistiCare) implemented the Front Line Leadership program as our foundational management/leadership development program this year. We started with a Pilot and certification training. The company’s “official” rollout of Front Line Leadership began in August and continues through the next year. Feedback on the program has been extremely positive and our leaders are embracing all the concepts, tools, and behaviors.

As partners in this endeavor, the Trinity team been phenomenal. They are supportive, helpful, and resourceful – and truly professional, experienced, responsive partners. Robert’s Front Line Leadership design and content is excellent and highly engaging. It is a very interactive program, full of tools and self-assessments, and practical models. And Denise is an incredible facilitator. The groups she worked with absolutely loved and responded to her. I would work with both of them again – and highly recommend them to others.”

Sherry Edwards Manager of Organizational Development Logisticare

“The Front Line Leadership Program has improved our company’s locations across the USA by helping us build qualified, competent, knowledgeable and skilled leaders! From insights into personality types and communication style to skills for managing conflict and change, this curriculum gave the foundation we needed. The participant materials are perfect… attractive, interactive and thorough. The supporting materials are high quality to offer a contemporary, relevant and professional course. Our partnership with Robert Winter, the certified trainers and the rest of the Front Line staff has been easy… they are supportive where we need it and they give us freedom for customization and creativity. On the 10 scale, Front Line Leadership Program is a 10!”

Michelle Taylor Lufthansa Technik North America Holding Corp

“Front Line Leadership training has been instrumental in transforming our staff of more than 125 managers and potential managers into leaders. We have a diverse staff in terms of backgrounds, educational levels, experience, and skills. The Front Line program contained tools and content that not only addressed those differences, but also provided clear and practical leadership tools that could be immediately applied. The training has given my staff confidence to deal with the challenges they face every day.  The feedback from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive and without a doubt has had a positive impact on the individual leaders and the department as a whole. I strongly recommend Front Line for any organization seeking to improve the skills and performance of their current and aspiring leaders.”

Marshall Schroeder, Director

“As we’ve traveled the journey of growth and plant start up, the timing and content of this training was something that the team here needed, in order to give us another boost in effectiveness.  I am already seeing a reduction in the tension and stress level in our production office and between the managers.  I plan to bring up topics periodically for discussion as reminders, so we can keep this alive. “

Matt Mowery, Plant Manager

“Front Line Leadership Program is one of the most effective programs I have been privileged to facilitate for The Learning Edge’s clients.  The logical process where one module builds on another, the presentation of the materials, and interactive activities culminate in a program that consistently receives excellent ratings.  Collaborating with Robert Winter to customize solutions has been a real pleasure!  In my 31 years of facilitating client management and supervisory solutions I am convinced that this is one of the best solutions in the marketplace for new and existing Supervisors.  I appreciate the materials are current and being updated to employ excellent assessments and content that provides a Supervisor with the tools necessary to create an engaged workplace.”

Denise McIntyre, Founder & President The Learning Edge , London, Ontario

“Trinity Training & Development through the Frontline Leadership curriculum has brought a much-needed resource to the corporate training aspect of Tulsa Technology and our Business and Industry Services Department.  With the purchase of Frontline Leadership, we have been able to certify Tulsa Technology instructors so they can be armed with the tools to meet the training requests of our clients.  IC Bus is the client who served as the flagship for rolling this curriculum out.  Larry Goodall, IC Bus Senior Human Resource Manager, shared an email where he expressed, “You guys are doing a ROCKING GREAT JOB!”. 

After the launch of this training program in January of 2018, data showed that in October 2018, Tulsa Tech had held 78 classes, completed 601 hours and enrolled 863 students. These numbers have continued to grow.

Working with Robert Winter has made the utilization of these materials an added plus to how we deliver the product to our clients.  He never fails to accept suggestions that our instructors have provided after their training sessions.  Along with Tulsa Tech, Robert is constantly working to provide updated and relevant information to all stakeholders.

Tulsa Tech is truly pleased with the added value that Trinity Training and Development has brought to our region.  The Frontline Leadership curriculum is a resource that assists us in attaining our mission of “educating people for success in the workplace”.

Rana McVay TulsaTech

” I am so very pleased that I happened to stumble across your website and the FrontLine Leadership program. We have almost concluded the first series of classes (ours is every month for six months) and not only has the level of collaborative engagement gone up, but there are positive behavior changes that are seen by the participants reaching from their direct reports all the way up to executive leadership.

Can’t thank you enough for this program…and Angela’s incredible training as well.. We love this workshop here and I am so happy that we are able to take the concepts, make them our own, and create a wave of managerial change. Thank you!”

Jennifer Hogan Lutsey, LSW. Director of Employee Development, Children's Service Center & Robinson Counseling Center