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Front Line Improves Leader Performance By

• Providing tools that improve communication and interpersonal effectiveness.
• Addressing employee needs and challenges through structured one-on-one activities.
• Developing skills in feedback, coaching, conflict management, and listening.
• Building relationships centered on trust, accessibility, and responsiveness.
• Improving team performance through structured scenarios and activities.

Explore The Program

Learn how our program equips leaders with practical tools and strategies that immediately impact the engagement, performance, and satisfaction of every team member.

Train-The-Trainer Certification

Do you prefer to have your trainers deliver internally? Our one, two, and three-day certifications include everything facilitators need to deliver both our in-person and virtual solutions.

College Partnerships​

We are proud to partner with over 40 colleges throughout the US and Canada who utilize our program to develop leaders within their communities. Learn how your college can incorporate Front Line in your workforce development efforts.

Front Line Leadership Program

Front Line Leadership is a flexible, 10-module leadership development program that provides new and current supervisors and managers with a toolkit of practical communication and employee development tools that reduce conflict, improve employee performance, and enhance team effectiveness. Leaders learn to deliver clear direction, coach employees, and provide effective feedback. The ultimate goal of the training is to enable leaders to create work environments that foster employee engagement, improve performance, and increase employee satisfaction.

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Why Choose the Front Line Leadership Course

What You Need When You Need It
Front Line contains 10 core leadership topics that are delivered in four-hour blocks. You choose only the topics that fit your organization’s needs and both English and Spanish options are available. Our flexible design gives you control over timing, frequency, and spacing of sessions.

Content That Delivers
We use practical and easy to master tools and models to complement our training process. We continually improve and expand our library of activities and information to deliver current, relevant content.

Sustainable Change
Our program includes a number of tools that sustain learning beyond the classroom. We reinforce learning through between-session, structured activities that encourage productive dialogue between frontline leaders and their teams. These activities improve communication, reduce conflict, and contribute to increased employee engagement.

Measurable Impact
Reduced conflict and employee complaints; improved team morale; leader confidence and competence; enhanced leader-employee communication and relationships; effective coaching and feedback; and increased employee engagement and satisfaction.

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For more information about the Front Line Leadership program or to request a quote for your organization, fill out the contact form provided.