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Tactics of a Courageous Leader

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Tactics of a Courageous Leader
A characteristic that sets leaders apart is courage. Courage to face your fears and overcome your weaknesses. At Front Line Leadership we have listed three roadblocks that may cause leaders to operate out of fear and five strategies for developing courage.
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3 Ways to Keep Top Talent from Leaving
You shake your head in frustration. Your jaw is clenched tight, and you want to throw something. Instead, you roll your shoulders back and inhale deeply. It doesn’t really help, but at least your coffee mug is still intact. This is the third resignation letter you’ve received this month. And not from an intern or easily replaceable position. This is the third letter from a man you had high hopes for. Maybe you should have promoted him earlier, maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. He is one of you...
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How to Bridge the Generation Gap and Lead More Effectively
As the workforce fills up with the next generation, it’s time to bridge the generational gap rather than dismiss it. Remember, you were a young professional once, too! You had something to offer your company, so it’s time to find out what the millennials on your team can offer today. You’ll lead more effectively, increasing employee satisfaction and employee engagement when you apply these principles today.
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Are You Using the Right Leadership Style?
The four primary styles of leadership indicate that no style is better or more effective than the other. It doesn’t highlight a specific style or raise up a particular kind of person. Instead, it shows how different people are. How different styles of leadership are necessary to successfully lead different kinds of people.
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10 Vital Skills a Modern Leader Needs
As the workforce changes, so do leadership and management styles. At Front Line Leadership, we want your company to succeed which means employees that hold a management or leadership role may need to make adjustments to propel your organization into a brighter tomorrow. Below are 10 skills that we believe are essential to every leader.
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7 Tips for Providing Effective Employee Feedback
In many workplaces, a communication gap exists between leaders and employees - 91% of employees in a recent survey report that their manager does not communicate effectively. Often, the most difficult type of communication with an employee involves giving feedback. When managers fail to provide effective employee feedback, employees become disengaged, resulting in losses of productivity, profitability and talent.
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Front Line Leadership Module VII – Managing Performance II: The Employee Development Model
Managing Performance 2: The Employee Development Model is the sixth session of the FrontLine Leadership Program. In this module, participants will learn how to use a model for developing employees known as the Employee Development Model (EDM). This tool helps managers identify which employees might benefit from more attention and which employees would continue to perform well with less attention.
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