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8 Ways to Network Like a Pro

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8 Ways to Network Like a Pro
When networking is more about others than it is about you, you’ll find that your time is not only more enjoyable, it’s more effective. Because at the end of the day, networking is not about proving yourself to others, it’s about establishing relationships. Here at Front Line Leadership we provide eight things you can do to relieve some pressure and still successfully network.
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Becoming Slow to Speak and Quick to Listen
When it comes to tension in the workplace, misunderstanding is often at the root. But there are tactics you can put into play that will reduce conflict and enhance collaboration. As a leader, you’ll have to work hard to be quick to listen and slow to speak. Identifying your natural responses will help you navigate difficult conversations and prevent you from reacting negatively.
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Front Line Leadership Module IV – Teamwork and Collaboration
Teamwork and Collaboration is the fourth session of the Front Line Leadership Program. Productive teams are the cornerstone of any successful organization. Supervisors and managers will learn in this module why teams are important and explore the many ways that they can be used. After learning the specific components of successful teams and analyzing the effectiveness of the team that they are currently leading, they will then be able to apply what they have learned to improve this team’s perfo...
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