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How Do We Work with Generation Y?

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How Do We Work with Generation Y?
Management styles of yore still lurk in the hallways of business big and small all around the world today. However, with Generation Y beginning to take a larger stake in those same businesses, it may be time for managers to take a look at those traditions and see how to make them work with Generation Y employees. Generation X and Boomers grew up in a world where they had to earn the right to be heard, respected, and valued. On the flip side, Generation Y has had a heard and valued voice from day...
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Generational Differences in the Workplace

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Generational Differences in the Workplace
In a simple black frame, on a shelf in my office sits a picture that never ceases to put a smile on my face. In it, 4 women stand side by side, faces full of toothy grins in front of my childhood home. From left to right stand a woman born in 1902, another in 1929, the third in 1957, and lastly, a gangly legged teen born in 1979. The not-quite-brown eyes and slightly oversized noses all share a similar stance and smile, but beyond that, the lives of these women share history and blood, but not m...
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Front Line Leadership Module II – Managing Different Personalities
Managing Different Personalities is the second session of the Front Line Leadership Program. One of the biggest challenges supervisors and managers face is interacting with different types of people with varying personality types. This module teaches participants how to modify their own personal communication style when interacting with different personality types, ensuring that their message is clearly understood. More effective communication will allow them to develop more effective relationsh...
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Choosing the Right Leadership Training Program
Countless studies have shown that organizations that invest in leadership development perform better than those that do not. Research also shows that although companies claim that developing their leaders is a top priority, only a minority of them invest in leadership training programs. If your organization is not currently implementing a leadership training program, it may be time to reconsider your plan of action for equipping your leaders to reach their full potential.
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The Front Line Leadership Program – Is it Right for Your Organization?
The leaders in your organization need training and development to reach their full potential and positively impact those that they lead. The Front Line Leadership program is designed to enable leaders to create work environments that foster employee engagement, improve performance, and increase employee satisfaction.
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