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Top 5 Leadership Qualities Revealed
What skills are needed for effective and inspirational leadership across organizations and businesses? A few years ago, Zenger and Folkman compiled research to discover just that, the most crucial characteristics that all leaders need to possess and practice. Rather than seeing data that pointed to leaders at different levels implementing differing skills and traits, they found that there was a specific subset of qualities that make a leader productive, especially at higher levels of an organiza...
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Front Line Leadership Module V – Communication Effectiveness
Communication and Effectiveness is the fifth session of the Front Line Leadership Program. Without effective communication skills, even a leader with the best intentions is unable to produce results with his or her team. Participants will learn listening skills, how to provide feedback, and how to give praise and recognition.
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Front Line Leadership Module I – The Role of the Leader
The Role of the Leader is the introductory session for the Front Line Leadership Program. This module stresses the important connection between quality leaders and the success of an organization. Participants will understand the qualities, skills, and traits that are needed to become a highly effective leader and experience the impact that poor leadership has on the effectiveness of the team. The objectives of this module are:
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