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10 Ways to Improve Internal Communications
Effective internal communication is crucial to the success of your organization. So, rather than bombarding your employees with lengthy emails or meetings that leave everyone confused and frustrated, start communicating in a way that makes a positive impact. Below are 10 questions to ask yourself as you craft and prepare to deliver internal communication. These questions will ensure the message is effective both in the way it’s sent and in how it’s received by your employees. At Front Line Le...
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Are You Using the Right Leadership Style?
The four primary styles of leadership indicate that no style is better or more effective than the other. It doesn’t highlight a specific style or raise up a particular kind of person. Instead, it shows how different people are. How different styles of leadership are necessary to successfully lead different kinds of people.
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FrontLine Assists in Mission of "educating people for success in the workplace"
Trinity Training & Development through the Frontline Leadership curriculum has brought a much-needed resource to the corporate training aspect of Tulsa Technology and our Business and Industry Services Department.  With the purchase of Frontline Leadership, we have been able to certify Tulsa Technology instructors so they can be armed with the tools to meet the training requests of our clients. 
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The Three Types of Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs and are committed to the organization. This emotional commitment means engaged employees care about their work and their company.
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Managing Personalities with DiSC

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Managing Personalities with DiSC
Management would be easy if everyone was hard-working, collaborative, and always had a great attitude. The reality, of course, is far different. Whether your organization is large or small, as a manager, it's your job to make sure everyone on your team is as productive as possible. Front Line Leadership can give you the tools you need to manage your diverse team effectively.
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Teambuilding in the Workplace

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Teambuilding in the Workplace
Team building is an important part of any business because it brings employees together and reminds them why they came on board in the first place - to be a part of a team. Team-focused exercises encourage collaboration and partnership, while allowing employees to see each other in different lights and connect in different settings. Incorporating team building tactics into your company's daily routine helps employees keep sight of what aspects are important to the corporation and what will m...
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The Importance of Employee Motivation
The success of any business is greatly dependent on its employees. Regardless of business strategies or the marketing prowess of the person in charge, without a hardworking and dedicated workforce at the center of operations, a company cannot have a stable foundation. Keeping employees motivated is paramount; a motivated workforce means a highly productive staff who will ultimately help you achieve your business goals.
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