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7 Tips to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication Skills
“Actions speak louder than words.” We’ve all heard this phrase, and when it comes to face-to-face communication, this adage holds true. Research shows that approximately 80-90 percent of the meaning of a message lies not in the words said, but what has been conveyed during a conversation through nonverbal communication.
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The Financial Impact of Employee Engagement
Experts say that the engagement, involvement, and satisfaction of the employees should be the biggest concern for organizations. When employees are actively engaged, it can directly affect the productivity and financial standing of the company.
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The Three Types of Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs and are committed to the organization. This emotional commitment means engaged employees care about their work and their company.
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Front Line Leadership Module VII – Managing Performance II: The Employee Development Model
Managing Performance 2: The Employee Development Model is the sixth session of the FrontLine Leadership Program. In this module, participants will learn how to use a model for developing employees known as the Employee Development Model (EDM). This tool helps managers identify which employees might benefit from more attention and which employees would continue to perform well with less attention.
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Front Line Leadership Module III – Motivating and Engaging
Motivating and Engaging is the third session of the Front Line Leadership Program. “Engagement” can be defined as the level of energy and excitement that an employee brings to work. Engaged employees are more productive and profitable and they are less likely to be absent from work and to quit, potentially saving millions of dollars a year. This module explores the factors that determine engagement levels and how it can impact an organization. Managers will learn about the important role trust...
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