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The Power in Focusing on Solving Problems as a Leader

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The Power in Focusing on Solving Problems as a Leader

A new trend is emerging in the leadership of today, problem-led leaders. These leaders are different than other more standard leader archetypes meaning that are driven by problems in need of a multi-faceted solution. These leaders are the glue of a group of people from different parts of the organization brought together with the sole purpose of literally problem solving. These leaders tend to see a bigger picture and are well ingrained enough in the organization to pull the best people to contribute for different aspects of the issue. They aren’t typically the most outgoing leaders as they tend to let the experts speak for themselves in each area of the solution creation process and therefore are more apt to share the glory upon a project’s successful completion.

When a leader emerges because they love the challenge of a problem, these leaders tend to be more driven and focused on finding the right fit for each component needed to solve the problem. They tend to be more enthusiastic and enjoy the challenge their position brings because it allows them the satisfaction of utilizing their expertise and acknowledge their ability to compile a rock star team to find problem driven solutions.

Standard trickle-down management has no place in this problem-solving approach to leadership and therefore when utilized in an organization one must expect a different approach to these teams. While a clear leader may emerge based on the recognition of the problem and the drive to find a solution, they will often defer to the “expert” in each component of the solution as status requests are handed down.

As Albert Einstein has said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This notion explains why the emerging problem-solving leaders don’t often come from the same development teams and instead can be found in QA, implementation, customer service, and other such ‘follow-up’ departments. This anti-leadership style of leading is becoming more commonplace in companies that place a premium on innovation. An environment focused on innovation tends to allow more role leeway and becomes conducive for problem focused individuals to step up and out of their typical role with the express purpose of finding an innovative solution to a problem. These people tend to accrue more problem-focused individuals with their zeal for a solution. Their excitement tends to be contagious, their passion breeds more passion, and their willingness to share the spotlight lends itself to more creativity from more people, all who bring a unique and valuable aspect toward the overall solution.

These leaders step up and down as needed throughout a project resolution and are fast becoming the leaders of tomorrow with their progressive and innovative approach to leadership. With problem-solving leaders nestled among all organizations, it’s important to learn how to recognize, support, and promote their unique leadership style. To learn how you can embrace the problem-solving leaders in your midst, contact us today. Great leaders are armed with the tools to recognize innovation and growth opportunities for success. Allow us to help train your leaders for success. Take the first step toward greatness today.

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