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How to Leverage Intentionality

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How to Leverage Intentionality

You’re 16 years old, waving at a crowd, elated that you have just won the Orange Bowl, a prestigious junior tennis tournament. You can hardly sleep that night, replaying key moments from the match, reliving point after point, return after return. Soon, the memory of accepting the Orange Bowl award shifts into a mental picture of your future. In your mind’s eye, you see yourself accepting the trophy and the prize money given to the champion of the U.S. Open. But it’s not a dream, a hope that you throw out there loosely thinking, “it would be cool if that happened.” It becomes your goal. You don’t just hope that you’ll be crowned champion at the U.S. Open—you know it will happen. So, you train hard. More than that, though, you write a check to yourself for the same amount as the tournament’s prize money. You hang it on your mirror, looking at it every day, visualizing the moment you receive the award, and deposit the money into your account. For three years you write another check to update the amount to match that year’s award. And then, in a groundbreaking game, at 19 years old, you defeat Serena Williams—your tennis hero—winning the championship of the 2019 U.S. Open Grand Slam tennis event.

Bianca Andreescu is a great example of someone who turns a dream into a reality by harnessing intentionality. Her story reminds us that anything is possible as long as you put in the effort to see your goals come to fruition. The effort doesn’t just mean hard work. Yes, Andreescu practiced her sport and conditioned her body to succeed at a highly competitive level. However, the effort that shrunk the difference between dream and reality was mental. Every day, she visualized the dream, believing it was possible to achieve.

The same is true for you and me. We must be intentional in our thoughts about our dreams and goals, not allowing them to float by, but focusing on the end result with unshakable determination until the dream is realized. When obstacles get in our way—and they certainly will—we reset our intentions, revisualize the goal, and keep moving forward.

Perhaps you are building a new program, starting a business, creating a new product, or restructuring your organization. You can leverage intentionality to find success in every endeavor by taking these steps:

1. Discover Your Intention: Convert your desire into an image—even if the goal seems hazy and you aren’t quite sure about the direction you want to take. Your goal will begin to take a clear shape when you can visualize it. Whether it’s an award, a product, a client review, or a raise, paint a vivid picture of the result in your mind’s eye. If possible, find something tangible to put in your office or bathroom mirror to be a constant reminder of where you’re headed. The consistency of visualizing your goal will help it become clearer and give you a better understanding of how to achieve it.

2. Don’t Look Back: This is the difficult part, the place where most dreams dissipate. After you conceptualize your goal, it’s time to move forward with two crucial characteristics. Self-belief and willpower. These two qualities will set you apart as a leader and set your goal into reality. Believe that you are capable of setting things in motion to achieve your goal. Keep moving forward with confidence and focused energy that doesn’t falter under critics, self-doubt, and roadblocks.

At Front Line Leadership, we want to equip your company’s leaders with the tools they need to harness intentionality and redefine success. Take your organization to the next level when your leadership believes and acts with the mentality of, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” Determination paired with visionary leadership will only go so far until leaders learn how to communicate effectively, encourage collaboration, and reduce conflict on their team. To learn more about the unique and effective leadership programs that Front Line Leadership offers, contact us today.

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