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Front Line Leadership Module I – The Role of the Leader

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Front Line Leadership Module I – The Role of the Leader

Front Line Leadership is a newly redesigned, flexible, ten module program that provides new and current supervisors and managers with a toolkit of practical communication and employee development tools that reduce conflict, improve employee performance, and enhance team effectiveness. The ten four-hour modules can be offered in any combination. Each one targets a specific set of skills. This blog post is the first in a series of posts that will explain each of these ten modules in greater detail.

The Role of the Leader is the introductory session for the Front Line Leadership Program. This module stresses the important connection between quality leaders and the success of an organization. Participants will understand the qualities, skills, and traits that are needed to become a highly effective leader and experience the impact that poor leadership has on the effectiveness of the team.

The objectives of this module are:

  • Explore the skills and behaviors needed to be effective in a front-line leadership role. Effective leaders must learn to balance the emotional needs of their team members with the performance needs of the organization. For many, this can be a difficult balance to achieve.
  • Understand the changes that occur during the transition from a front-line worker to a front-line leader. When an employee is given a leadership role, important changes occur in terms of responsibilities, relationships with others, and how one needs to conduct himself or herself. Identifying these changes can help a new leader navigate them more successfully.
  • Assess current leadership skills. Participants will complete a self-assessment to identify their current leadership strengths and will have the opportunity to develop goals to become more effective in their leadership roles. They are asked to consider, “Would I work for me?” Creating an action plan will help them bring their new insight into the workplace.
  • Learn eight strategies for building employee involvement. A quality leader can ensure that employees are more involved in the culture of the company. This increase in engagement leads to an increase in employee performance.
  • Identify leader behaviors that positively impact long-term term performance and effectiveness of team members.  As a leader becomes a better mentor and coach, he or she is able to inspire team members to become more effective due to their pride in the company.

For more information about how the Front Line Leadership Program can transform your organization or for pricing information, contact Robert Winter at 832-483-5535 or fill out a contact form on our contact page.

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