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How to Bridge the Generation Gap and Lead More Effectively
As the workforce fills up with the next generation, it’s time to bridge the generational gap rather than dismiss it. Remember, you were a young professional once, too! You had something to offer your company, so it’s time to find out what the millennials on your team can offer today. You’ll lead more effectively, increasing employee satisfaction and employee engagement when you apply these principles today.
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How to Get Promoted to Leadership Positions
Frustrated, you cancel your dinner reservations. You thought for sure you’d be out celebrating your promotion tonight. You have the skillsets, the experience, even the longevity with the company. But once again, you were passed over. “Why does this keep happening?” you wonder. Sure, the person they hired looked like an executive her first day in the office. You actually thought she was in the wrong meeting when she walked into the conference room. But appearance shouldn’t matter--especially ...
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How to Leverage Intentionality

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How to Leverage Intentionality
At Front Line Leadership, we want to equip your company’s leaders with the tools they need to harness intentionality and redefine success. Take your organization to the next level when your leadership believes and acts with the mentality of, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”
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Are You Using the Right Leadership Style?
The four primary styles of leadership indicate that no style is better or more effective than the other. It doesn’t highlight a specific style or raise up a particular kind of person. Instead, it shows how different people are. How different styles of leadership are necessary to successfully lead different kinds of people.
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10 Vital Skills a Modern Leader Needs
As the workforce changes, so do leadership and management styles. At Front Line Leadership, we want your company to succeed which means employees that hold a management or leadership role may need to make adjustments to propel your organization into a brighter tomorrow. Below are 10 skills that we believe are essential to every leader.
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Spotting and Eliminating Poor Role Models in Your Organization
Do you remember those games on the back of cereal boxes when you were a kid? While shoveling your favorite sugary cereal in your mouth on a lazy Saturday morning, you could analyze two pictures that looked identical at first glance. But the challenge was to spot the differences. The house on the left had two-paned windows, while the house on the right had single-pane windows. The tree on the right was filled with apples while the tree on the left was empty.
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5 Tips to Improve Your Next Presentation
You sip your coffee but barely taste it. Your stomach is in knots, and your mind is racing. You know the material like the back of your hand, and you're passionate about this idea. You just want everyone to be on board, you want the information to make sense, and—let’s be honest—you want to impress your boss. Whether you’re a seasoned presenter, or this is the first in-person presentation you’ve made in over a year, you want to make sure your presentation doesn’t bomb. You’ve heard th...
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How to Avoid Turnover

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How to Avoid Turnover
You sit at your desk frustrated and confused. Your top employee just quit. You’re left feeling overwhelmed at the thought of distributing their work, analyzing who could take on such critical clients. And there’s the inconvenience of sifting through resumes, interviewing, and onboarding a new employee. This loss will set you back and you already feel pressed for time. You wonder, “Why did they really quit? Great opportunities only present themselves when you’re looking for them, right?” ...
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5 Daily Habits of Effective Business Leaders
You’ve reached your personal goal and received the leadership position you worked so hard for. Now what? Logistically you know what to do. But how can you ensure your success in this position? What can you do regularly to effectively lead your team or organization? Below are five habits for you to include in your daily routine that will raise you and your company’s level of success.
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Get More Out of Your Workday: Renew Your Energy to Improve Your Focus
It’s 2 p.m. and you sit in front of your computer with a fresh cup of coffee. Maybe the caffeine will help you push through the afternoon slump. You open up the document you’re reviewing and your phone buzzes. You glance at the screen—it’s a notification from your weather app. You turn back to your computer. But then you think, “I wonder if it’s supposed to rain this weekend?” You open the weather app and look at the upcoming forecast. No rain. Maybe you’ll grill some burgers on Saturday...
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