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Interactive leadership development program for managers and supervisors.

Front Line Online

Front Line Leadership Program Online

Web-Based, Interactive Learning Program for Front Line Leaders

Since it’s launch in 2010, Front Line Leadership has been delivered to over 15,000 leads, supervisors, and managers throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Our client list includes organizations in over 22 different industries.

Front Line Online provides organizations an excellent alternative to classroom-based delivery when in-person training is not a practical option. Utilizing the same content and processes as our classroom-based program, Front Line Online delivers a quality learning process in an easy to use platform.

Program benefits include:

  • Blended Learning

    Front Line Online offers a blended learning process of self-paced activities, instructor lead virtual sessions, and structured application back on the job.


  • Facilitator Led

    Virtual sessions are led by facilitators with 10+ years of experience both in leadership training and online delivery.


  • Interactive Content

    Our online program includes video and written content, collaborative social learning, goal setting, accountability features, and a coaching support.


  • User Friendly

    All assignments, video content, program materials, and content are delivered through an easy to use platform!


  • Measurement

    Front Line Online allows coaches, facilitators and administrators to keep track of learner progress throughout their learning journey.


  • Impactful

    Our program contains practical and easy to adopt strategies and tools that will impact and sustain behavior change back on the job.


Program Information

Target Audience: All current, new or aspiring supervisors and managers; high potentials, or leads responsible for directing the work of others.

Time Commitment: 3.5 - 4 hours per topic (10 topics)

Recommended Class Size: 8 - 20 participants per class is recommended

Languages: English

Program Topics Include:

For more information about the Front Line Leadership's web-based leadership program for front line leaders, contact Trinity Training & Development today!