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Is Online Training Right for My Organization?

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Is Online Training Right for My Organization?

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy understood that there is never a point in leadership where we arrive, where our own education is no longer important. To progress in leadership is to continue learning. When your company’s current managers and future team leaders invest in leadership training, they sharpen their skills which in turn elevates employee performance and team effectiveness. Everyone wins when leadership training is a priority. Front Line Leadership now offers customizable training in an easy-to-use, online platform. If you’re uncertain if online leadership training is the best choice for your organization, consider the following questions.

Do We Have Self-Motivated Managers?

We’re willing to bet that your company’s managers and team leaders are self-motivated people. Online learning is more effective for self-starters because they have the flexibility to participate in training at the time and place that’s best for them. Your night owls who do their best creative thinking at absurd hours of the day will engage in the training with more enthusiasm than they might in the conference room at 8 A.M. Not only is the flexibility of time and location attractive, but learners can move through the training at their own speed. This doesn’t mean that your employees can fly through the program and not soak up the information. Research shows that online learning leads to 25%-60% higher retention rates because participants have fewer distractions while they engage with the training. Give the self-motivated managers on your team the freedom to take their leadership training into their own hands–they won’t let you down. Plus, Front Line Online provides measurement tools that allow administrators and facilitators to track the progress of participants.

Do We Employ New-Age Learners?

Online training offers multimedia segments that keep new-age learners engaged. Many of your best employees or future managers are more enthusiastic about participating in leadership training when it’s presented in modern trends. At Front Line Online, we are committed to keeping up with modern learning styles and training your employees in ways that promote retention and foster engagement. Interactive elements not only hold the participants’ interest but allow them to interact with others. Online learning is not exclusively watching videos and taking assessments. Our program includes social collaboration, goal setting, coaching support, and accountability features so that no employee feels isolated during their training. After all, you are a team--it’s necessary to train together.

Do We Believe that Practice Makes Perfect?

Give your leaders the gift of confidence by allowing them to participate in simulations and scenario-based learning. Leaders can practice and hone their leadership skills in a safe place before stepping into real-life where every misstep counts. Front Line Online provides practical strategies and structured applications that participants can transfer from knowledge to practice. Leadership training helps your team leaders and managers with decision-making, risk-taking, and conflict management that will impact your entire organization. Online leadership training is a simple seed to sow, but it reaps a great harvest!

If you can answer “yes” to any of the questions discussed, then online leadership training is right for your organization. Front Line Online delivers the same content and processes as our classroom-based training, so you know you will receive quality training. Contact Front Line Online today for more information about our flexible 10-module program that will take your leaders--and your company--to new levels.

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