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How to be a Leader in the Modern Workplace

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How to be a Leader in the Modern Workplace

In an era of technical growth and boom, leadership is even more important than ever. While some people are born with innate leadership skills, others with a passion for the field can acquire the skills needed to become sensational. With the fast pace of the business world, there are 10 leadership skills you can hone for the future workplace.

1-    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) –

It will be critical for leaders of the future to perceive, understand and manage their emotions as well as those of their team.

2-    Humble Confidence –

The leaders of tomorrow need to find balance between confidence in their own abilities and choices and being humble about their place in the organization. These leaders will not stand in the spotlight. Instead, they will encourage others to shine.

3-    Accountability –

Future leaders will need to earn the respect of their teams by holding themselves accountable. This workplace will be transparent and collaborative, and it’ll be crucial to ensure a leader’s actions and decisions are in line with the company’s goals and objectives.

4-    Intuitive –

As machines and artificial intelligence become more prevalent in the workplace, it will be important that leaders are even more ‘human.’ As humans, our intuition sets us apart. A good leader will intuit what isn’t being said and will have the difficult conversations needed to deal with whatever may come their way.

5-    Collaboration –

Future leaders won’t hide in their corner offices away from their people. They will work alongside them day in and out to get to really know their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow them to help their team acquire new skills and will drive both professional development and employee engagement.

6-    Authenticity –

Not only in times of uncertainty and failure, but also success, leaders of the future need to embody authenticity. The workforce of the future will be multigenerational and multicultural and good leaders will know how to build trust, relationships, and connections amongst their organization.

7-    Focus –

Our world continues to move faster and require a greater ability to be flexible. The leaders of the future will need to focus on objectives and create the stability people crave so changing from one priority to another can be handled with less stress and confusion. A good leader will be able to calm the chaos and be clear and concise.

8-    Visionary –

The leaders of tomorrow will need to have vision. Not only for the immediate task at hand, but more importantly for the big picture. These leaders will need to understand how every shareholder will be impacted by any given decision and will take into account new and creative ways to ensure all needs are met by the organization.

9-    Courage –

Leaders in the future will be pioneers. Sure, roadmaps exist, but in the future, it won’t be as clear as it currently is. Emerging technologies and systems will create new, unknown environments that require a steady hand at the helm. Those leaders will need to have the courage to face the unknown and charter pathways through it to success.

10-    Tech Savvy –

As we approach the 4th industrial revolution, we can see it will be fueled by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, and more. Because of advents in technology, almost every industry will see change. Leaders will need to understand and be fluent enough to make big decisions about technology. These leaders will need to have a working understanding of what different technological aspects can bring to their company to keep them both relevant and successful. 

No one knows exactly what the future holds but being prepared and gaining the skills necessary to navigate our rapidly changing future is a must. To learn more skills to prepare you for leadership today, tomorrow, and twenty years into the future, contact us today. We create exceptional leaders for all industries and give them the skills to grow with the technologies to come.

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