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How to Motivate Temporary Workers

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How to Motivate Temporary Workers

Do you remember your first internship? You may have decided you would “fake it ‘til you make it,” and walked around confidently, determined to prove yourself, and learn as much as possible. While some people have great memories of hard work and a rewarding pay-off, others remember feeling just outside the loop or even blatantly cast aside, only receiving recognition in the form of criticism. If you’re not careful, many of your temporary workers will fall into this category. They will underperform because they believe they have no identity as a team member and therefore, no real influence in the company. By motivating your temporary workers, you not only increase employee satisfaction, but the company as a whole gets the most out of the time temporary workers are employed. Employee engagement, enthusiastic company culture, and goal achievement are all within grasp when you take the time to motivate temporary employees. Here are six practical steps you can take to motivate temporary workers.

1. Train Them

Even if employees are seasonal, it’s not a waste of time or resources to train them properly. Many of your clients or customers may not know who is a full-time employee and who is temporary. Every staff member represents the company, so by ensuring temporary workers know the terminology, hierarchy, and vision that is unique to your company gives both you and your temporary employees the confidence everyone is on the same page and heading in the same direction.

2. Set Clear Expectations

Give new team members clarity about what you expect from them and how you benefit from the time they work for you. If temporary workers feel that their job performance has an impact that goes beyond their contract, they will be more willing to work hard for you and work with you to meet lasting goals.

3. Include Them in Meetings

One of the easiest ways you can motivate temporary workers is by including them in team meetings and inviting them to participate. This gives employees the feeling that they are part of the staff, and their contribution is valued.

4. Know More Than Their Resume

No matter how long a worker is employed by your company, take time to get to know them. Don’t simply rely on their resume to inform you who they are and what they can do, but ask questions about their background and personal goals to help you determine how you can best utilize them while they work for you. When they are using their gifts, you both win!

5. Make Feedback a Conversation

Take the time while temporary workers are under your management to give them feedback. Helpful critiques that inform their growth will give them more opportunities down the road. Also, recognize them for a job well done and give credit where credit is due. Then, enter into a conversation. Allow them to give you helpful feedback. Outside perspectives from someone who is not trying to climb the ladder within your company may be more insightful than your full-time employees.

6. Show Appreciation

When it comes to appreciation, a little bit goes a long way. A small gesture of thanks for a job well-done motivates employees to keep showing up and working hard, plus it produces a cheerleader for your company when their contract ends.

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