Managing Personalities with DiSC

Every workplace is made up of various and distinct personalities. A good leader recognizes the differences in each employee and doesn’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to management. Management would be easy if everyone was hard-working, collaborative, and always had a great attitude. If this were the case, your job would consist of watching a team […]

The Root of Conflict: Part 1

Conflict is an unavoidable factor in any interpersonal relationship including business relationships. While it’s easy to see the negative aspects of conflict, there can be some constructive aspects as well. Before we can understand how to handle and resolve conflict, it’s important to understand the main causes so good managers can have potential areas of […]

The Root of Conflict: Part 2

While conflict is inevitable, a good manager will know how to spot the signs of conflict before it gets out of hand and be well-versed in tools to combat and stop conflict in its tracks. As discussed in Part 1, there are four main types of conflict in the workplace. A good manager can learn […]

Managing the Holidays

That magical time of year is around the corner; the holidays. It can be a hectic time of year for everyone, managers included. Beyond juggling your own holiday happenings, you become a one-person act for juggling the holiday needs and stress of your entire team. Managing holiday stress, holiday and annual leave, bonuses, all while […]

The Importance of Leadership Training

The year is new, and everyone has made a list of goals to work towards to make 2019 their best year yet. For anyone working in a leadership capacity, their New Year goals should include leadership training. With every passing year, the workplace evolves as an ever-changing environment. New technologies, differing views on personal and […]

The Impact of Different Leadership Roles

When it comes to leadership styles, each individual has a style suited best to them. Of the seven main leadership styles, most leaders have a combination of styles that mesh together and form their managerial role. To understand the intricacies of leadership styles it is important to delve into the styles themselves. Democratic leadership – A […]

Robert Winter to Speak at MindLab Conference

Robert Winter will be speaking at the MindLab conference on April 24th in Denver, Colorado. His session will focus on productive conflict, an assessment offered by Wiley/Everything DiSC. He will also discuss his FrontLine Leadership Development Program and how its implementation can help transform your organization’s managers into strong leaders. This program has successfully equipped leaders in a […]

Top 5 Leadership Qualities Revealed

What skills are needed for effective and inspirational leadership across organizations and businesses? A few years ago, Zenger and Folkman compiled research to discover just that, the most crucial characteristics that all leaders need to possess and practice. Rather than seeing data that pointed to leaders at different levels implementing differing skills and traits, they […]

7 Ways Leaders Unknowingly Sabotage Their Own Teams

Leading comes with a myriad of challenges and obstacles. There are numerous reasons for and catalysts of the downfall of a team or group of employees. But what about when the largest factor in a team’s disfunction is the leader themselves? What are ways leaders sabotage their own teams and how do we avoid these […]

Creating a Collaborative Culture in 3 Ways

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”- Helen Keller All businesses have the ability to work smarter, not harder and come out better than the sum of their collective members’ intelligence and talent, however, many fall short. A collaborative culture sounds simple at its core. A group of people working together […]