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Coaching - Best Behaviors

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Coaching - Best Behaviors
Leadership coaching is the process of developing people’s skills and abilities to inspire growth within the members of an organization. Oftentimes managers find themselves needing balance between managing people and creating an environment where team members can grow and flourish.
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Coaching 101

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Coaching 101
Coaching in business is similar to coaching a semi-pro athlete. Much like an athlete, most people in the business world already have the basic know-how and tools to do their job. They’ve trained, had experience, and are comfortable enough with their industry-related skillset to do their job. But much like a trained athlete, fine-tuning can always improve their game.
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Front Line Leadership Module VIII – Coaching for Commitment
Module VIII – Coaching for Commitment is the eighth session of the Front Line Leadership Program. In the workplace, managers have the opportunity to coach their employees to improve and achieve at high levels. This module teaches participants why coaching is important, explains the different roles that coaches play, and walks them through the steps needed to successfully coach employees that have performance or behavior problems.
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