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The Power of Employee Motivation in Building a Thriving Workplace

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The Power of Employee Motivation in Building a Thriving Workplace

The morale is tangibly low in the room. The silence is only broken by the occasional, deep sigh of boredom from someone across the room. Are you just imagining it, or can you hear a fly buzzing against the window? Whether you are working in a physical office or connecting with your co-workers virtually over an all-hands video conference, working with people who are clearly not interested in their job can suck the energy out of any workplace team. 

On the other hand, imagine the energy you feel when you work alongside other people who genuinely care about delivering their best work, when you work for an organization that prioritizes having a healthy work-life balance, and when you feel incentivized to show up as your best self when you log in for the day. 

Motivating the Bottom Line 

Companies that have a highly engaged, motivated workforce show 21% greater profitability. Not only is employee motivation good for business, but it’s also essential when it comes to protecting your organization's most valuable asset: your people.  

The eagerness of each member of your team to thrive in the workplace is the driving force that will raise overall productivity to meet goals and create a highly magnetic company culture that attracts more engaged talent to your team. 

How to Foster Employee Engagement 

Motivational posters in the break room and cliche motivational meeting sign-offs only go so far when your employees feel overworked and undervalued. Your team needs to know that they are respected and valued - not only as employees but also as people. Investing in employee motivation boosts productivity on an individual level, but it also allows your team to function more cohesively as a whole, leading to long-term, sustainable growth over time. 

  1. Feedback - When your employees feel that their voice is heard and matters to the organization, they are nearly 5 times more likely to feel empowered. Give your team ample opportunity to give feedback, and actively listen to their ideas. 
  2. Recognition - Make giving recognition part of your normal routine and create opportunities for growth when you see areas of improvement available. 
  3. Meaning - No one wants to show up to a job every day only to feel like they’re punching the time clock. We all want to have the opportunity to make meaningful change in the world. You can create a work culture that helps fuel fulfillment in personal and professional development opportunities, innovative contributions to the team, recognition for delivering exceptional results, and significant professional relationships with colleagues.

One of the most impactful ways to invest in the development of your team on a personal and professional level is to find a leadership training program that is custom-tailored to your organization’s needs. At Front Line Leadership, we offer leadership programs that prepare your employees to rise to upcoming challenges and take on more responsibility. Contact Robert Winter at Front Line Leadership today to learn more. 

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