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Spotting and Eliminating Poor Role Models in Your Organization
Do you remember those games on the back of cereal boxes when you were a kid? While shoveling your favorite sugary cereal in your mouth on a lazy Saturday morning, you could analyze two pictures that looked identical at first glance. But the challenge was to spot the differences. The house on the left had two-paned windows, while the house on the right had single-pane windows. The tree on the right was filled with apples while the tree on the left was empty.
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How to Avoid Turnover

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How to Avoid Turnover
You sit at your desk frustrated and confused. Your top employee just quit. You’re left feeling overwhelmed at the thought of distributing their work, analyzing who could take on such critical clients. And there’s the inconvenience of sifting through resumes, interviewing, and onboarding a new employee. This loss will set you back and you already feel pressed for time. You wonder, “Why did they really quit? Great opportunities only present themselves when you’re looking for them, right?” ...
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The Power in Focusing on Solving Problems as a Leader
A new trend is emerging in the leadership of today, problem-led leaders. These leaders are different than other more standard leader archetypes meaning that are driven by problems in need of a multi-faceted solution. These leaders are the glue of a group of people from different parts of the organization brought together with the sole purpose of literally problem solving. These leaders tend to see a bigger picture and are well ingrained enough in the organization to pull the best people to contr...
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