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The Difference to Become an Amazing Leader

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The Difference to Become an Amazing Leader

In many of today’s industries, there is a push for a 24/7 workplace mentality whether you’re in the office or not. This adds a level of innate pressure on everyone in the workplace. But with the push for employee engagement and satisfaction at the forefront of many a high-level executive meeting, there are a few things commonly found amongst the greatest leaders in their industries.

1. Manage individuals, not teams

As John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Even though every day is a hustle and bustle of deadlines, expectations, and pressure to achieve, it’s important to good leaders to take the time to remember everyone on their team is an individual with their own interests, goals, learning styles, and abilities. Taking the couple extra minutes to be available for one-on-one conversations and engaging in personal career development will help bring out the best in each member of your team so they can all grow, flourish, and succeed. This “time factor” is one of the most related successful management traits across the business world. Accessible leadership lends to more engaged and committed employees.

2. Go big on meaning

Most people strive to find a career that allows them to contribute and make a difference with what they do. It gives them purpose and more importantly drive for success.  Organizations tend to highlight meaning and purpose as a way of fostering engagement, however, it shouldn’t only be an organization tic mark, it should be a manager’s responsibility. Inspire your team with a vision. Set challenging goals and amp up their confidence so they believe, like you do, that they can do and achieve anything. When positioned correctly, a call to action can rally your team, encourage, them, drive them, and see new successes previously unimagined. This scene in the movie, Facing the Giants, exemplifies this leadership style. Setting lofty goals and encouraging your people to give it their best can really go a long way towards inspiring them and proving they are capable of even more than they ever thought possible. Go big.

3. Focus on feedback.

Providing ongoing feedback to your team goes a long way toward becoming an amazing leader. Don’t wait around for the quarterly assessments or yearly reviews. Take the time to have more effective one-on-one conversations with your employees on a regular basis to provide the opportunity for coaching and honest feedback. This promotes independence and initiative in your employees and allows you to get to know your team better. This regular personal touchstone allows you to tailor your time in a way that best suits the person you’re working with and give them the tools they need to grow and develop into a better version of themselves.

4. Don’t just talk… listen.

The best leaders spend more time listening than they do talking. They bring challenges and concerns to their teams and ask questions that get everyone involved in coming up with solutions. This is a more subtle way of engaging and encouraging your team to get more involved and share their talents. A lot of people in positions of power feel it’s their responsibility to have the answers and tell their team what to do and how to do it. This can lead to micromanaging and fostering a stressful work environment. However, it’s important to remember that each member of your team has a whole host of skill and talent and given the opportunity to speak out and shine, most will rise to the challenge. Everyone has different ways to approaching a problem and by giving them the floor, an amazing leader will always find a solution to any problem and have the buy-in of their team to make it happen.

5. Consistency is key.

Amazing bosses are predictable. They set the bar high, they provide their team with tools for success, and they make themselves available to ensure everyone has the access they need to whatever it is that can make them successful. They don’t swing from one thing to the next and shift the bar and focus from day to day. Unpredictability breeds stress and fosters a sense of fire-drill panic. Keep consistent on vision, management style, expectations, feedback, and openness to new ideas. If a time for change comes, acknowledge it openly and quickly so you can reset the new consistent “norm.”

These simple steps go a long way in helping a leader go from good to amazing. Contact us to learn more about the skills needed to become an amazing leader. Amazing leaders are made with care and dedication. We specialize in molding leaders into their best selves so they can foster an environment of success and growth in their organizations. Take your first step into greatness today.

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