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Feedback on the program has been extremely positive...

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Feedback on the program has been extremely positive...

"My company (LogistiCare) implemented the Front Line Leadership program as our foundational management/leadership development program this year. We started with a Pilot and certification training, both facilitated by Denise McIntyre. The company’s “official” rollout of Front Line Leadership began in August and continues through the next year. Feedback on the program has been extremely positive and our leaders are embracing all the concepts, tools, and behaviors.

As partners in this endeavor, Denise and Robert have been phenomenal. They are supportive, helpful, and resourceful – and truly professional, experienced, responsive partners. Robert’s Front Line Leadership design and content is excellent and highly engaging. It is a very interactive program, full of tools and self-assessments, and practical models. And Denise is an incredible facilitator. The groups she worked with absolutely loved and responded to her. I would work with both of them again – and highly recommend them to others."

Sherry Edwards
Manager of Organizational Development

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