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Choosing the Right Leadership Training Program

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Choosing the Right Leadership Training Program

Countless studies have shown that organizations that invest in leadership development perform better than those that do not. Research also shows that although companies claim that developing their leaders is a top priority, only a minority of them invest in leadership training programs. If your organization is not currently implementing a leadership training program, it may be time to reconsider your plan of action for equipping your leaders to reach their full potential.


Why is a leadership training program important?

  • It can increase your profit margin.  By reducing costs, driving new lines of revenue, and improving customer satisfaction, your organization will reap monetary rewards when an emphasis is placed on leadership development. Studies have shown that the stock market returns of companies that place a high emphasis on human capital are five times higher than those that do not (Harvard Business Review, McBassi and Company).
  • It can help your organization attract and retain talent. Employees who are given a role in your company’s future are more loyal. It is much less expensive to develop your current employees than it is to hire new ones. Bringing on new recruits requires spending money on headhunter fees, HR costs, travel and moving expenses, and signing bonuses. Regarding turnover, the top reason why an employee leaves a company is a bad manager. By investing in leadership training, your employees are less likely to leave the company, saving you money.
  • It can improve your corporate culture. When you choose to invest in your leaders, you show them that you care about them and they are inspired to meet and exceed performance expectations. As your leaders become better mentors and coaches, they can boost the morale of all employees, making your organization a great place to work.

What should I look for when choosing a leadership training program for my organization?

  • It should be flexible and customizable. All organizations and leaders aren’t the same and therefore need training focused on different skills. The Front Line Leadership training program contains ten four-hour modules can be offered in any combination.
  • It should offer multiple delivery methods. Some organizations may need someone to facilitate in-house training while others already have trainers on staff who just need additional support. Front Line Leadership’s skilled trainers can provide in-house training to your organization. If you would prefer to equip your internal trainers, we offer different licensing options to allow for integration of the Front Line Leadership program into your organization’s current training initiatives. Part of the licensing includes certification of your internal trainers.
  • It should include a number of tools. When it comes to learning, not all people engage with and retain information in the same way - a leadership program should cater to all learning styles. The Front Line Leadership training program classroom training process includes a variety of engaging and immediately applicable activities including small and large group discussions, self- assessment, small and large group team-building activities, videos, targeted games and competitions, roleplay, and lecture.
  • It should provide for different time commitments. It shouldn’t be difficult to find the time to fit training into your leaders’ schedules. The Front Line Leadership training program can be completed in five full days of training or in multiple training days over time, depending on your organization’s and its leaders’ different needs.

For more information about how the Front Line Leadership Program can transform your organization or for pricing information, contact Robert Winter at 832-483-5535 or fill out a contact form on our contact page.

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