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The Front Line Leadership Program – Is it Right for Your Organization?

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The Front Line Leadership Program – Is it Right for Your Organization?


“Leaders aren't born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.” 
- Vince Lombardi


An organization can only be as effective as its leadership team. Consider the following statistics.

  • Over 70% of an employee’s perception of their organization can be traced back to one person - their leader.
  • 56% of workers in the United States are disengaged at work, costing U.S. companies billions of dollars of lost revenue and production each year. Poor supervision leads to disengaged employees.
  • Effective leadership is one of the top reasons for employee satisfaction at work.
  • Effective leadership that can engage teams through creating a sense of purpose has been shown to lead to an increase in profit.

The leaders in your organization need training and development to reach their full potential and positively impact those that they lead. The Front Line Leadership program is designed to enable leaders to create work environments that foster employee engagement, improve performance, and increase employee satisfaction.

What is Front Line?

Front Line Leadership is a newly redesigned, flexible, ten module program that provides new and current supervisors and managers with a toolkit of practical communication and employee development tools that reduce conflict, improve employee performance, and enhance team effectiveness.

The ten four-hour modules can be offered in any combination. Each one targets a specific set of skills. Our classroom training process includes a variety of engaging and immediately applicable activities. Learning is reinforced through between-session structured activities designed to encourage productive dialogue between leaders and their teams. Each participant’s manager will receive monthly updates explaining what he or she has been learning and offering specific ways to reinforce that learning.

We offer three delivery options:

Our skilled trainers provide in-house training to your organization. Our staff has a record of effective facilitation and a thorough grounding in leadership principles. Most have a minimum of 10-15 years’ experience in the field.

We offer different licensing options to allow for integration of the Front Line Leadership program into your organization’s current training initiatives.

We offer different licensing options to allow for integration of the Front Line Leadership program into your organization’s current training initiatives. Part of the licensing includes certification of your internal trainers.

Who would benefit from Front Line?

Front Line is designed for all current, new, or aspiring supervisors or managers. Any individual within your organization that is responsible for direction the work of others would benefit from this program.

What issues can the Front Line Leadership program address?

  • Poor communication skills
  • Lack of confidence in a leadership role
  • Poor coaching or mentoring skills
  • Inability to provide clear work direction
  • Inability to build cohesive teams
  • Low morale and team engagement
  • A top-down leadership style (instead of a more collaborative approach)
  • Inability or unwillingness to properly address inferior performance
  • Complaints from individual contributors regarding supervisor behavior
  • Harassment / inappropriate comments
  • Inability to personally manage emotions under stress

What positive outcomes can I expect in my organization after implementing the Front Line Leadership program?

  • Reduced conflict and employee complaints
  • Improved team morale
  • Improved leader confidence and competence
  • More productive communication and relationships between leader and direct reports
  • Effective use of coaching and feedback
  • Increase in employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Improved employee performance
  • Improved workplace environment

What types of organizations would benefit from the Front Line Leadership program?

Our program has been successfully used in the following industries:

  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Builders - both commercial and residential
  • Education - both K-12 and Higher Education
  • EMT / Paramedic Services
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Food Service / Suppliers
  • Government
  • Technology / IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Non-Profit
  • Oil and Gas
  • Service

Our clients include NOV, Aries Freight, the Association of General Contractors, Borden’s Milk, Excelerate Energy, Farouk Industries, Gulf States Toyota, Lennar Homes, Marek Brothers Construction, NCI Building Systems,National Oilwell Varco, Packers Plus, Parker Drilling, Sadler Clinic, and United Way.

What do clients say about the Front Line Leadership program?

"Front Line Leadership training has been instrumental in transforming our staff of more than 125 managers and potential managers into leaders. We have a diverse staff in terms of backgrounds, educational levels, experience, and skills. The Front Line program contained tools and content that not only addressed those differences, but also provided clear and practical leadership tools that could be immediately applied. The training has given my staff confidence to deal with the challenges they face every day.  The feedback from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive and without a doubt has had a positive impact on the individual leaders and the department as a whole. I strongly recommend Front Line for any organization seeking to improve the skills and performance of their current and aspiring leaders."

 - Marshall Schroeder, Director

"As we’ve traveled the journey of growth and plant start up, the timing and content of this training was something that the team here needed, in order to give us another boost in effectiveness.  I am already seeing a reduction in the tension and stress level in our production office and between the managers.  I plan to bring up topics periodically for discussion as reminders, so we can keep this alive. "

- Matt Mowery, Plant Manager

"Front Line Leadership Program is one of the most effective programs I have been privileged to facilitate for The Learning Edge’s clients.  The logical process where one module builds on another, the presentation of the materials, and interactive activities culminate in a program that consistently receives excellent ratings.  Collaborating with Robert Winter to customize solutions has been a real pleasure!  In my 31 years of facilitating client management and supervisory solutions I am convinced that this is one of the best solutions in the marketplace for new and existing Supervisors.  I appreciate the materials are current and being updated to employ excellent assessments and content that provides a Supervisor with the tools necessary to create an engaged workplace."

- Denise McIntyre, Founder & President, The Learning Edge Inc.


For more information about how the Front Line Leadership Program can transform your organization or for pricing information, contact Robert Winter at 832-483-5535 or fill out a contact form on our contact page.



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