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Front Line Leadership Module VIII – Coaching for Commitment

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Front Line Leadership Module VIII – Coaching for Commitment

Front Line Leadership is a newly redesigned, flexible, ten module program that provides new and current supervisors and managers with a toolkit of practical communication and employee development tools that reduce conflict, improve employee performance, and enhance team effectiveness. The ten, four-hour modules can be offered in any combination. Each one targets a specific set of skills. This blog post is the seventh in a series of posts that explains each of these ten modules in greater detail. Click on the links below to learn more about the previous modules.

Module VIII – Coaching for Commitment is the eighth session of the Front Line Leadership Program. In the workplace, managers have the opportunity to coach their employees to improve and achieve at high levels. This module teaches participants why coaching is important, explains the different roles that coaches play, and walks them through the steps needed to successfully coach employees that have performance or behavior problems.

The objectives of this module are:

  • Discuss why coaching is an important skill for supervisors.  Coaching is the process of developing people’s skills and abilities. It is also a corrective tool to help deal with major issues and challenges that arise. Participants will use their prior experiences as both an employee and a manager to assess their current effectiveness as a coach.
  • Understand the key supervisor behaviors needed to help employees improve performance.  Successful coaches are associated with a number of key behaviors. For example, they are approachable, stay open to input, speak respectfully, and communicate clearly. Participants will rate themselves on how well they demonstrate each key behavior and brainstorm ways to improve.
  • Learn a process for coaching employees to better performance and behavior. Most coaching and feedback failures are the result of one of five reasons. For example, a lack of trust between the leader and an employee will lead to a breakdown of the coaching relationship. Participants will identify the reasons why their coaching efforts might have failed in the past and discuss ways to avoid failure in the future.
  • Prepare for and practice a coaching session. Managers will have the opportunity to discuss in detail how to provide direction and support to their employees when faced with a number of common workplace challenges – an employee doesn’t know how to do a task, an employee is afraid to take on a new assigned responsibility, an employee has developed a negative attitude, an employee is feeling overwhelmed, and more. Then, participants will prepare for and use roleplay to ready themselves to face a current workplace challenge. The in-depth, five step model used in this module will provide a framework that can be used over and to ensure managers are able to have productive coaching sessions with their employees, both current and future.

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