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Front Line Leadership Module VII – Managing Performance II: The Employee Development Model

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Front Line Leadership Module VII – Managing Performance II: The Employee Development Model

Front Line Leadership is a newly redesigned, flexible, ten module program that provides new and current supervisors and managers with a toolkit of practical communication and employee development tools that reduce conflict, improve employee performance, and enhance team effectiveness. The ten, four-hour modules can be offered in any combination. Each one targets a specific set of skills. This blog post is the seventh in a series of posts that explains each of these ten modules in greater detail. Click on the links below to learn more about the previous modules.

Managing Performance 2: The Employee Development Model is the seventh session of the Front Line Leadership Program. In this module, participants will learn how to use a model for developing employees known as the Employee Development Model (EDM). This tool helps managers identify which employees might benefit from more attention and which employees would continue to perform well with less attention.  Participants will then be able to diagnose an employee’s needs in order to move them from a beginner to a highly functioning member of the team.

The objectives of this module are:

  • Learn about the Employee Development Model and how it can help your employees become top performers. All employees have engagement needs that should be met by their supervisor. These include ongoing training, clear expectations, coaching and feedback, and others. When learning new skills, it is especially important that supervisors are aware of and meeting these needs.
    • As employees learn and grow, they progress through four different stages (new, developing, skilled, and mastered) and their needs change at each stage. Participants will learn about each stage using case studies and then be able to identify the current stage of each team member.
    • After understanding the four stages of development, participants will learn the corresponding four approaches of development that can be used to move employees forward: train, coach, empower, and delegate. Each approach differs in its purpose, and managers will be given specific ways to use each approach and the right questions to ask with each approach to solicit feedback.
  • Assess your current approach to leading others and then apply what you learn about the model to adapt your approach for greater effectiveness.  Participants will consider current employee performance challenges and how they are being addressed. They will then consider how to more effectively treat these issues.
  • Apply the model to employees in need of development. Participants will be given a planning sheet to create an action plan with a specific employee in mind. An employee analysis worksheet will provide further guidance.

For more information about how the Front Line Leadership Program can transform your organization or for pricing information, contact Robert Winter at 832-483-5535 or fill out a contact form on our contact page.

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