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Maximizing Workplace Communication: Leveraging DiSC Assessments for Team Success
“Why don't you start by telling me about yourself?” You open the interview with the standard questions, discussing in greater detail the candidate’s qualifications, skillset, and past experiences. Although most of the questions you ask your potential new-hire about are performance-focused, you are also gaining key insights into how they communicate, what their personality is like, and how well they will fit in with the rest of the company.
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The Power of Employee Motivation in Building a Thriving Workplace
The morale is tangibly low in the room. The silence is only broken by the occasional, deep sigh of boredom from someone across the room. Are you just imagining it, or can you hear a fly buzzing against the window? Whether you are working in a physical office or connecting with your co-workers virtually over an all-hands video conference, working with people who are clearly not interested in their job can suck the energy out of any workplace team. 
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