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Front Line Leadership Consultants

The Front Line Leadership Program is brought to you by Robert Winter and Trinity Training & Development. Our talented team of consultants collectively has over 50 years of experience in corporate training and development and we're proud to have them as part of the Front Line team. Learn more below.


Robert Winter

Robert Winter

Robert Winter, president of Trinity Training and Development, is an experienced trainer, consultant, and speaker with more than 20 years of experience in human and organizational development. He has presented workshops to over 10,000 participants on leadership development, team development, strategic planning, communication, and performance improvement. Mr. Winter is a nationally certified trainer with the Ken Blanchard Companies, Achieve-Global, and Wiley Publishing. In addition, he is certified in a number of performance enhancement instruments including DiSC, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and others. His management experience includes positions from the director to the vice president level. His educational background includes both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. Learn more about Robert

Jennifer Simpson - Consultant

Jennifer Simpson
Project Manager

As the Front Line Leadership Project Manager, Jennifer brings more than a decade of experience in operational management for consulting firms. She is responsible for overseeing and directing a multitude of business initiatives including project management, quality control, and customer service. With a focus on sound program management practices, Jennifer has developed a service delivery methodology for Trinity Training & Development that can easily be adapted and applied to fit any customer need. She works with clients to efficiently plan and execute projects to successful outcomes that meet their unique visions. Jennifer received her education at Texas A&M University where she earned a degree in Economics. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, photography, enjoying nature, and is actively involved in PTO. Learn more about Jennifer

Angela Walterscheid - Consultant

Angela Walterscheid

With extensive corporate and consulting experience, Angela’s focus is on design, development, and facilitation of custom learning experiences in management, leadership, customer service, presentation skills, team development and many areas of professional development that result in improved performance.
Angela earned her BBA in Personnel and Human Resource Management from Texas Tech University and has attended the Leadership Development Program at the Center for Creative Leadership. Angela has worked extensively in various industries including retail/restaurant, technical/engineering, healthcare, and manufacturing. Learn more about Angela

 Natalia Velez-Kirkpatrick - Consultant

Natalia Velez-Kirkpatrick

Natalia Velez- Kirkpatrick has been facilitating leadership and management skills for over two decades in a variety of companies in the food, aerospace, automotive, construction, and technical industries. Natalia is fully bilingual in both English and Spanish. Her extensive experience of teaching people from all levels has allowed her to follow her passion in guiding and mentoring others so that they become the best influential and successful people in their leadership careers.
Natalia brings new perspectives using her critical thinking and vast experience in her role as a facilitator She believes in changing the world one person at a time and is skilled at changing her communication, mentoring, and coaching styles to provoke deep thinking and be able to change people’s perspectives. Natalia has been impactful in having people understand the power they have to influence others in their leadership roles, no matter their education and background levels. Learn more about Natalia

 Suzanne Black - Consultant

Suzanne Black

Suzanne is a sought-after speaker and trainer with a flair for engaging audiences of all ages. Her natural style and first-hand experience in leadership, management and sales in multiple industries, gives her teaching and facilitation authenticity and applicability. Over the last twenty-five years Suzanne has trained managers and executives across the United States and Canada. With an MA in Communication Mgmt. from the Annenberg School of the University of Southern CA, she focuses on communication as the key to effectiveness in leadership, management, and teamwork. Her participants always rank as a favorite topic - having crucial conversations with grace and empathy. Learn more about Suzanne

 Susan Postier - Consultant

Susan Postier

Susan Postier is an experienced facilitator who provides professional training and executive coaching for aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas and healthcare companies.
A skilled organizational development professional, Susan’s areas of expertise are corporate training, facilitation, curriculum design and delivery, and executive and individual contributor coaching. A Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Susan has done an extensive amount of work in performance management systems, training and development and targeted leadership skill development. Learn more about Susan

Deb Terry - Consultant

Deb Terry

Debra has over 25 years of Human Resources/Organizational Development experience, with a focus on talent development, organizational development, and leadership coaching. Her demonstrated capabilities are in organizational effectiveness, facilitation, competency enhancement, leadership coaching, and teambuilding. She has worked in a global arena in building talent and leadership capability. Deb has experience facilitating leadership development with emerging and mid-level talent In medium to large organizations. A key element of her approach for coaching and leadership development is based upon an understanding of the individual’s behaviors and how it impacts how they lead themselves and others. Learn more about Deb

Samara Beachdell - Consultant

Samara Beachdell

Samara Beachdell is an engaging trainer with over 20 years of experience as an HR Consultant, Trainer/Facilitator and Professional Coach. Passionate about learning and development as a key to employee engagement, Samara believes in the power and benefits of sharing knowledge. She is an avid coach and mentor and loves working with first-time managers and mid-level managers as they transition and develop their personal leadership style. Samara’s toolkit is filled with years of experience across a variety of HR disciplines. Throughout her career, Samara has provided services through a consultative approach to a range of businesses, from small, entrepreneurships to large, multinational corporations. She is recognized for building and maintaining a trusted advisor role to provide exceptional client services. Learn more about Samara

Dr. Yvonne Johnson - Consultant

Dr. Yvonne Johnson

Yvonne is a dynamic, experienced, and committed consultant, trainer and coach. With significant business and leadership experience, Yvonne is committed to learning and development as a way to enhance development and business growth, in particular for leaders and managers who are challenged with improving performance and engaging their teams. Yvonne enjoys a high level of connection and collaboration with others; with experience in global business and a focus on providing value to customers, she demonstrates skills in learning facilitation, training leaders, instructional design and organizational development. Yvonne is an experienced team leader in different organizations; she has a reputation for demonstrating strong leadership and teamwork, while encouraging a growth mindset. Learn more about Dr. Yvonne

Judy Garmoe - Consultant

Judy Garmoe

Judy Garmoe is passionate about helping people become better leaders in this ever-changing, and often challenging work environment. Judy's focus is on implementing practical processes and teaching the skills needed to be a more effective and confidant leader. The positive feedback Judy has received from participants in her dynamic presentations is what helps fuel her high energy and keeps the training sessions engaging and meaningful. Judy is currently working with business professionals to not only deliver stellar leadership curriculum but to customize and enhance the training to match the needs of the individual company. Learn more about Judy



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